What #Metaliteracy means to me

Metaliteracy represents everything around you, and your ability to not only understand and interpret what you see but also to use that information wisely. Francis Bacon once said “knowledge is power”.  I feel that this describes Metaliteracy because the more you understand, the more you are capable of. You could be a master of quantum physics but it you do not know how to convey that knowledge to anyone else, thus rendering that knowledge useless. On the other hand you may have no knowledge of something like quantum physics, yet if you are information literate you will be able to find that knowledge, comprehend it, and use it for the purposes that you need to. Being Metaliterate opens the door for endless amounts of opportunities because they information you can have is endless. 

Taking this information and using it for an end to a means that is desirable to you, would allow you to reach any goals you wish in life. An understanding of how to use information, and tools to get information can also open up doors outside the academic world. Socially, the ability to use this information opens doors to meet people with common interests personally and professionally.  Through networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook we can meet people who share hobbies or are in the same things we are.  This allows us to learn more about other cultures and come into contact with people that it would not have been possible to have the same bonds with a hundred years ago.  We are living in an unknown and unique era. Yet I believe this represents a unique opportunity moving forward for me to be unlike anyone ever was and have bonds that previous generations were unable to ever have.  Instead of being overwhelmed by this information, I choose to be excited by the opportunities it presents. For this reason, I hope to learn how to find, share, and utilize information more effectively and become more Metaliterate through taking this class. 


-Trevor Bender


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